In this section you can have a look at items of our collection that have been sold. 

Conran C8 Chair
Mategot Planter
Pierre Guariche Chair
G-Plan Dining Chairs
Avalon Walnut lowboy
Younger Desk
Kofod Larsen Tallboy
Trento Troeds Sideboard
Ercol Daybed 89
Walnut Oak Sideboard
Eames DCM Chairs
Robin Day Bar Stools
French Bamboo chair
AFM Japanese Stool
Swedish Chest of Drawers
Illum Wikkelso Capella Chair
Troeds Sideboard
Moller 75 Chairs
Troeds Trio Sideboard
Arthur Umanoff Tables
Vanson sideboard
Bramin HW Klein Chairs
Arne Jacobsen 3207
Robin Day Hille Sideboard
Austinsuite Teak COD
JL Moller Leather Chairs
Austinsuite Sideboard
G-Plan 6250 Chair
McIntosh Rosewood Cabinet
Robin Day Forum Sofa
Troeds Compact Sideboard
Toothill Daybed
Ercol Stacking Chair
McIntosh Walnut Sideboard
Frederick Weinberg Chair
Arne Hovmand Olsen Sideboard
Troeds Dining suite
G-Plan Dining Table
Hans Wegner Dining Set
JL Moller Chairs 75
Toothill Sofa
Dyrlund Sideboard
Younger Console Table
Avalon chest of drawers
Danish Nisbo Chair
Nordic Furniture Nest of Tables
Swedish Rosewood Unit
Danish Rosewood Mirror
Borge Mogensen Oak Sideboard
Desk Bookcase
J Svenstrup Rosewood Desk
McIntosh Dressing Table
Eon Sideboard
Swedish Shelving
Hayat Bothers Safari Chair
Two Tones Eames DCM Chair
Teak Corner Unit
Greaves and Thomas Table and Chairs
Bornholm Mobler Bookcase
Clausen and Son Sideboard
McIntosh Rosewood Cabinet
Younger Sideboard
Stag Dresser
Younger Tables and Chairs
Astro Coffee Table
Teak Desk Console
Ercol Pebbles
Teak Tallboy
Ladderax Shelvings
Stag Chest of Drawers
Danish Rosewood Long Sideboard
McIntosh Bedside Tables
Hans Wegner GE290
Nils Jonsson Troeds Gigant Sideboard
Finewood Bedside Tables
Danish Rosewood Coffee Table
Kai Kristiansen Drawers
McIntosh Table and Chairs
McIntosh Record Cabinet
Teak Sideboard
Nanna Ditzel Trinidad chairs
Rosewood Corner Cabinet
Hans Wegner AT-10 Coffee Table
Rosewood Swedish Side Tables
Stag Tallboy
McIntosh Side Table
McIntosh Tallboy
Teak McIntosh Coffee Table
Richard Horby Drinks Cabinet
Arne Wahl Iversen Bureau
Dyrlund Sideboard
Aalvar Aalto Style Table
Ercol Stacking Chairs
Morris of Glasgow Sideboard
McIntosh Rosewood Sideboard
Robin Day Chevron Armchair Chair Hille
Gunnar Nielsen Tibergaard Desk
Kai Kristiansen Chair
Peter Hvidt Side Table
Kofod Larsen Dresser
Arne Jacobsen 3300 chair
Beithcraft Sideboard
3103 chairs
Greaves and Thomas Sideboard
Fritz Hansen 3107 Chairs
Ercol Desk
Hanbjerg Møbelfabrik Desk
Danish Teak Sideboard
Ercol Room Divider
Danish Table Lamp
Shaker Table by Arne Jacobsen
McIntosh Rosewood Sideboard
McIntosh Compact Sideboard
Toothill Sofa Daybed
Arne Hovmand Olsen Mogens Kold Sideboard
Rosewood McIntosh Table Chairs
Rosewood Leather Chairs Norway
Fase President Lamp
Danish Ceiling Light
Danish PS Shelving System
Beithcraft Teak Sideboard
G-Plan Fresco Desk
Kofod Larsen Sideboard
Librenza G-Plan Room Divider
Austinsuite Dresser Sideboard
Swedish Two Seater Sofa Daybed
Robin Day Axis Chairs
Ercol Plank Table
Frank Guille Sideboard
Poul Cadovius Dining Chairs
Greaves and Thomas Sofa
grete jalk france & son chair 118
Roland Rainer Rocking Chair Hagafors
Stag C Range Chest of Drawers
Kofod Larsen Coffee Table
G-Plan Chest of Drawers
White and Newton Sideboard
Vanson Sideboard
Danish Teak Full Length Mirror
Morris of Glasgow Sideboard Walnut
Staples Ladderax Shelving
Toothill Sofa Daybed
Henning Kjærnulf Chairs
Danish Metamorphic Table
Greaves and Thomas Sofa
Arne Hovmand Olsen Chairs
McIntosh Teak Sideboard
G-Plan Siesta Chair 6001
McIntosh Sideboard
Johannes Andersen Chairs
Troeds Table and Chairs
G Plan Fresco Desk
Arne Wahl Iversen Teak Desk
Stag C Range Drawers
Scandinavian Coffee Table
G-Plan Quadrille Sideboard
Greaves and Thomas Easy Chair
Meredew Chest of Drawers
Danish Dining Table
Ercol Blond Coffee Table
Beithcraft Rosewood Sideboard
2 seater sofa
Danish Writing Desk
McIntosh Sideboard
Teak Record Cabinet
Greaves and Thomas Lofa Lido Sofa
Alluminor Desk Lamp
3107 Arne Jacobsen Serie 7 Chairs
Danish 2 seater sofa
Bronze Ladderax
Austinsuite compact sideboard
McIntosh Teak and Rosewood Sideboard
EON Sideboard Sliding Doors
Arne Vodder Rosewood Dining Chairs
Tripod Side Table
Danish Mirror with Shelf
Bornholms Møbelfabrik Rosewood
Bornholms Møbelfabrik Bookcase
Danish Easy Chair
Pye BlackBox
Danish Dining Chairs
Kofod Larsen Coffee Table
McIntosh Walnut Sideboard
Danish Desk
Louis Poulsen PH4
Danish Trioh Coffee Table
Danish Dining Table
Ercol Studio Couch
Jens Risom Walnit Sideboard
staples ladderax shelving
Office Chair
Greaves and Thomas Easy Chair
G Plan Scandinavian Sideboard
Interflex wall unit
Eames Vitra Dss Chairs
G-Plan Room Divider
Alfred Cox Sideboard
BM Bookcase Bureau
Ercol StickBack Chairs
Frank Guille Sideboard
Record Cabinet.jpg
Kofod Larsen Sideboard
Troeds Gigant Sideboard
Grundig Radiogram
Centra Stacking Chairs
Teak Record Cabinet
Herbert Terry Trolley Anglepoise
Ercol Grand Windsor Table and Chairs
G-Plan Sideboard
Staples Ladderax System
1960's Chest of Drawers
Sejling Skabe Corner Unit
Nils Jonsson Sideboard for Troeds
Fully restored set of Ercol Pebbles
Avalon chest of drawers - Restored
Meredew Chest of Drawers
Kai Kristiansen Chairs
Ercol Chairmaker's Chair
Danish Desk
Avalon Shelving System
1960's Teak Bookcase
Compact Storage Unit
G-Plan Stool
Desso Rug
Frank Guille Sideboard
Austinsuite Tallboy
Restored Ercol Cowhorn Rocking Chair
Nils Jonsson Sideboard - Troeds
McIntosh nest of tables
Tri-Ang Dauphine
Kofod Larsen Tallboy
EON Sideboard
G-plan Fresco Coffee Table
Atomic Coat Stand
Beautility Sideboard
Sunburst Clock
1960's Sideboard
G-plan Fresco Desk
Tripp Trapp Chair
Retro Tub Chairs
BHS Spotlight
Younger Sideboard
McIntosh Dining Chairs
Danish Sideboard
Magazine Rack
McIntosh Sideboard
Morris of Glasgow Sideboard
G-Plan Fresco Nest of Tables
Danish iNest of Tables
Ercol Easy Chair
Dyrlund Sideboard